Download Made In Lagos Album By Wizkid

  1. TRUE LOVE click to download wizkid-true-love-audio.mp3

2. PIECE OF ME; click to download wizkid-piece-of-me-audio-ft-ella-mai.mp3

3. SWEET ON; click to download wizkid-sweet-one-audio-1.mp3

4. BLESSED; click to download wizkid-blessed-audio-ft-damian-marley.mp3

5. TRUE LOVE; click to download wizkid-true-love-audio-1.mp3

6. ESSENCE; click to download wizkid-essence-audio.mp3

7.GRACE; click to download wizkid-grace-audio.mp3

8.MIGHTY WINE; click to download wizkid-mighty-wine-audio.mp3

9. NO STRESS; click to download wizkid-no-stress-visualizer.mp3

10.GYRATE; Click to download wizkid-gyrate-audio.mp3

11.SMILE; click to download wizkid-smile-official-video-ft-her.mp3

12. ROMA; click to download wizkid-roma-audio-ft-terri.mp3

13. LONG TIME; click to download wizkid-longtime-audio-ft-skepta.mp3

14. RECKLESS; click to download wizkid-reckless-audio.mp3

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